Academy 1/32 Scale F/A-18C Load-out Tricks?

While prowling the local Hobby Lobby during the 1/2 off plastic model sale I couldn't resist a mismarked Academy 1/32 scale Iraqi Freedom F/A-18C even though 1/35 scale armor is my current preference. My question concerns the great number of load-out options for the F/A-18. Is there a trick or technique that would allow me to swap out weapons or pylons in a non-destructive way? I don't want to be stuck with just one load-out and would prefer to not have to disassemble and reglue. Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks, Nick

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Replace the pins in the pylons with metal pins, and then grab some of the little nylon retention caps left over from Hasegawa kits and use those in your ords to allow them to be press-fit onto the pins on the pylons.

If you don't have any left over Hasegawa nylon retention caps handy, a slice of insulator from the proper gauge wire should suffice.

BTW - watch out for some of the loadouts depicted in the kit instructions - particularly for GBU-24...they're wrong. Check your refs.

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Good tip Rufus, it's what the new Tamiya 1/32 F16 has - poly caps on the pylons to rotate stores Andrew

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