CARZOL Plastics Corp. of Montreal PQ circa 1960

Hi folks, I've been away for a bit, moving from Ontario to New Brunswick...
but I've cast my nets at the largest flea market in Canada (Sussex NB) to
find a "Japanese Fishing Boat" from CP, kit # 1106, no date, no patent, no
scale.... and I have never heard of this company nor the ship it has
modeled... (appears to be a smallish tuna boat referred to as a clipper type
has anyone come across the company or the boat ?
Bill Daisley
ICI Paints - Fredericton NB
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Bill TGH
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Carzol was a Canadan company which released ex-Pyro kts in Canada.
Sounds lke you may have the 1/96 scale Russian Fishing Trawler or North Atlantic Fishing Trawler, which may be the same kit.
Value about $15-20.
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I checked the Pyro ship listing in my old Burns guide (5th issue), and found Pyro #374 'Japanese Fishing Boat', no scale listed, 8-12 dollars.
Carzol isn't listed in Burns' ships section at all, so it could be a rare kit.
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Rob de Bie
It's in the 7th Edition, pg.280. The America's Cup Racer is mentioned with a request for further information on which Pyro kits they released under the Carzol label.
I wonder if the Russian, Atlantic and Japanese fishing trawlers are the same kit or different molds?
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Hello, I have come across plastic toys by this company of a car and also a car hauler with four trucks on it. Judging by the style of the trucks I would date these at '61 or '62. They are replicas of the '61 chev or gmc pickups. Each unit is marked CARZOL MADE IN CANADA but nothing else. I have been told they were in Montreal in the 60's. They are certainly rare as these are the only ones I have seen and I have been collecting toy cars and trucks for 30 years. Can't help on the boat. Any info on the company would be greatly appreciated. Rick Steer Manitoulin Island ON
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Rick Steer
I have a plastic TEEN AGE SPORTS CAR, that has a paper sticker on the hood marked CARZOL PLASTICS CORP. MONTREAL CANADA, No. 94. It appears to be a blown in a mold solid body car with plastic spoke wheels that do turn. I actual picked up several from an old toy collector. Never seen another one.
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