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I am creating an exploding view on the assembly. i'll need to draw chain line to indicate the exploded component route to the main assembling in the drw.

How should i start on drawing the chain line??


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James Liew
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Are you using Wildfire? If so, I can tell you how to do it exactly. You go into the View Manager, select the Explode tab, click New. Or perhaps you already have the new explode state set up and named and you just want to know about chain lines. I can explain that too, but for Wildfire.

Are you having problems creating the explode state? do you have a license for Advanced Assembly, the module that provides explode state functionality? If so, then you need to create an explode state, with the components moved to their 'exploded' position. If they are no longer aligned, you need to create the chain lines by indicating parallel axes or planes or edges from which the offset will be shown. Again, how you do this depends on the rev of the software you are using. After that, it is a fairly simple matter to include this in a drawing with 'Insert>View>General>Exploded'. This will give you a choice of either the default explode or your named explode state, then ask you for an orientation.

David Janes

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David Janes

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