hiding part in view

I'm trying to hide / suppress a component in an assembly in a
particular view in a drawing. And only in that view. I have tried the
hide switch but that blanks all instances of that component in all
views. I have tried placing the component on a layer and blanking that
layer but again that affects all views. I only wish to hide that
component in one particular view. Is this possible and if so what menu
choice am I missing?
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Could you not make a simplified rep excluding that one component and create a view using that simplified rep?
n> Try view>drawing display then hit
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Yes, you can do that, but your parts list will not show the part at all. A simplified rep show the bom of the parts in that simplified rep. The best and easiest way to turn off a part or even a few parts from only one view is using the way i showed you, (if your using wildfire), releases before wildfire i believe the command is
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Thank you gentlemen, that did the trick perfectly. I don't know how I missed that myself after I went through all the menus.
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