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Hi all:

Using SW2007 SP5. I am adding route lines to an exploded assembly that contains cylindrical parts welded to a flat plate that is featureless. I would like for the route lines to terminate where the axis of the cylinder intersects the flat face. However, the Route line tool extends the line to the point on the flat face that I click, jogging along other axes as necessary. I have checked the help, and tried clearing the Along XYZ option, but have not found a way to get this to work. My workaround has been to manually stretch the route line until it looks like it touches the face. This works, but is time consuming. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance, John.

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Don't pick the face. Pick the edge of the cylinder.

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You can edit route lines just like any other 3D sketch. That means you can also add constraints. You can make the route line endpoint coincident with the end face of the fastener.

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