Exploded Line Sketch

I was wondering if anyone uses the Exploded Line Sketch feature?
It seems to work fine for projecting explode lines between cylindrical
shapes or parts with axis, but I stuggle using it it with
non-cylindrical or odd shaped parts.
For example: I have an exploded assembly that has a cylinder being
placed in a rectangular carton. I would like the exploded line to
project from the cylinder axis to center of the carton, not an edge of
the carton. I most often end up with a jogged line that I have to go
and delete from and/or stretch segments in order to get a straight
explode line.
Does anyone have another method they use to project exploded lines,
outside of doing it on the assembly drawing with sketch lines?
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Well, since the explode line sketch is just a special 3DSketch, I sometimes manually add lines for a tricky explode which the regular tools don't handle well.
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Dale Dunn
Any chance you could put an axis in the carton using a point and a plane (i.e. sketch a point on the back (bottom..whatever face is the end of the insert) of the carton in the center of the square face, next select the back face and the new sketched point and insert a axis). Then when you are doing the explode sketch make sure you have the view-axis turned on (not temp axis this makes things too busy some times) and when you select the box dont select the face select the axis.
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Ben Eadie
I was trying to avoid creating any extra features in order to accomplish what I feel the Exploded Line Sketch should do anyway.
I would be nice if I had the option to draw a line between the center of masses of the various parts.
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