Wildfire parasolid export troubles

Hello to all.
Suddenly I got one big problem using parasolid export out from Pro/E
Wildfire (I'm using datecode 2003051). When exporting assembly wildfire
reports end of processing instantly (too quick). Parasolid file is also
created, but only 1Kb in size, cotaining only header information. I haven't
changed any setting, so I can't explain what's going on.
Thanks in adwance for all suggestions.
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I have no idea what is causing this. Perhaps this is related to the bug discovered in older versions of ProE that appears starting from January 10 2004 ? So if this is the case perhaps an update to WildFire build 2003451 can solve the problem ?
Best regards,
John Bijnens
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John Bijnens
Thanks John
Only solution I can think of is exactly to upgrade to newer datecode. I've also searched PTC knowledge base with no success. Only the funny thing is that first couple of parasolid exports (using the mentioned datecode) were excellent.
Kind Regards
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That particular build requires a time-out patch for nmsd.
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( The Jan 10 bug) You haven't mentioned whether or not you've installed the patch or not. If not install it and try again. The parasolid export my be an external executable, in which case the nmsd bug must be fixed for proper communications.
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