Problem with line font

I am having a really bad time trying to set my lines font with the
dialog box Component Line Font. I've got an A3 drawing with 12 views:
section, cropped and special configuration views showing the internal
parts of the huge assembly.
First problem: I try to set the font line of some components to
Phantom. It doesn't work, nothing change.
Second problem: If I try to insert new views, the font line should
suppose to be "Default" but it shows up "Phantom".
I get these problems only with drawings containing lots of views.
I do know I could set every little single lines by hand with the Line
Style command but it just doesn't make any sense?
Redoing a complete annotated view is not a solution either.
I have read earlier post about that. It seems that it's a known bug
that has always existed.
Could someone confirm that.
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