RomanS font???

I would like to know if someone experienced problems with the RomanS
font. People here, all ACAD users, doesn't like the Century Gothic
default font because it's to compact when scaled to fit from A1 to
A3. The RomanS font doesn't come out well when printed on an A1
sheet: it prints like an old dactylo machine lacking of ink.
What could be the problem? Is there other recommanded fonts?
And what about the diameter sign, it comes out in thin lines almost not
visible no matter what font I use?
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I'm not sure what to do on the AutoCAD font, but we use Arial on all of our drawings. To me it looks much better than RomanS. (Just my opinion) :-)
Best of Luck,
Ricky Jordan
John23 wrote:
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Ricky Jordan
Looks like symbol's line thk. is controlled by "Line Weights" (Normal) in print menu if you want symbols really mach the text you can use Alt+0248 for ø (dia) , Alt+248 for °(deg) and so on... but I do not recommend that. we do not have any problems with Century Gothic using 3/32" height , but instead drawing on larger sheet sizes C and D, and scaling it down we decide to lower the text size from 1/8" to 3/32" and fit every thing into A or B size
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I have seen the RomanS font look good and bad. It depended on the printer. The higher the resolution, the worse it looked. RomanD helped.
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Are you sure you're not trying to print it in color? If you go to the page setup and turn the print settings to black and white, see if that doesn't fix the problem
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