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I am filling out a title block. I would like the text to be 14 pts high. The problem is the length of the text gets too long. Is there any way to adjust the width of text in SW? I am currently using "Century Gothic". Maybe someone knows a font that is already compressed. Thanks, Brian

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I don't know about 2005 but There isn't anything in 2004 to do that. Write an Enhancement request and be sure to mention that you were able to do it on other CAD packages such as AutoCAD.

In the mean time try this font

Gil Sans MT Condensed


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Try Arial Narrow


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Something to note before trying other fonts:

About 3-4 years ago I did some testing with various fonts in drawings when exporting them. I haven't done it recently, but at the time my conclusion was, if you are planning on exporting these drawings to AutoCAD, then stick to the SW default Century Gothic font. Most other fonts get screwed up when opening them in AutoCAD. By that I mean they seem to scale themselves very large making them overlap and become unreadable. Century Gothic even has some problems with the translation but was the best of all of the fonts that I tried.

Like I said, I haven't tried it in some time so this may have been fixed. But, fonts and text in general have always been a problem with exporting drawings.

This doesn't help with your problem of the text being too long though. But I thought it should be noted...

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