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I have been asked to do a job for a church and they want lettering on the side of their building and I was going to pick out the font they desired and make it to scale on a drawing and then take the dimensions off of it for a laser CNC machine, but when I went to dimension the text my problem began. It seems you can't dimension text and so I thought ok, I'll explode it, well when I did that it went to he default text again. It is hard for me to make myself clear I know, I need to instead of having New Times Roman in a solid look I need to have just the outline of that font, only about 24 inches tall in real life, and each part of it needs to be dimensioned for the laser machine, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any tricks? I am using version

2002, if anyone knows of any lisp programs or any 3rd part software that is cheap that I could do this with I would sure appreciate it, I need to get started on this project soon and rally don't want to draw over each letter to get my outline that would take forever to get all the letters they want, and I am just donating my time.



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You're using the wrong program, IMHO. A vector program like Corel DRAW might be a choice. Have you checked out manufacturers of these kinds of things? Unless the font you want is extremely unusual, you might have better luck (faster, cheaper) with someone like

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Michael Bulatovich

Perhaps you could try ttftodxf from one of these sites (I think there are still functioning)

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Download the trial version.

If not there, do a search for ttftodxf.

For the laser machine, you usually do not need any dimensions, but just a dxf file for the laser machining company to use, provided that the dxf file is produced from full sized drawings.

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B. W. Salt.

Hi Bryce. The laser/water cutting machines I have produced drawings for in the past have read directly from an AutoCAD drawing, they work like a plotter. There should be no need to dimension the text. Just draw it to size. I am using AutoCAD 2000 and exploded the text using "Explode Text" in the express tools, you will end up with plines which may need a bit of cleaning up. Baz

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