hi all,

I am having a problem about getting the font right. I have a block reference and I want all the letter inside the block reference in Copperplate Gothic Bold. When I edit the text using mtext, it says Copperlate Gothic Bold. But in the drawing, it doesn't show the right font or even when I plot. Is anyone knows what is the problem?


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The font is likely being substituted by acad. Generally this means the font file is not with in your path, though sometimes I've seen this happen when you know that it *is*. Closing the drawing, and reopening has done it for me. There may be other reasons too....

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Michael Bulatovich

Ken Another reason that the font style may be showing another font is that the Text stile name in the reference might be the same name as a test stile in the current drawing but the two stiles are set to different fonts.

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David Harper

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