HELP: I need a font

I have a drawing that shows question marks where the fractions should
be on the dimensions. When I open the text editor they look like
%%130, %%143, etc. If anyone has a font that deciphers these or knows
what the related fraction should be please let me know. Thanks in
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cindy wrote in news:
%%130 comes up as an underscore for me "_", and %%143 is the question mark "?"
do these make sense reading the text in context?
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Roy Knapp
I have a couple of custom SHX fonts I wrote that use 130-134. Must not be mine, though, I never used 143. ;) FWIW, I used it for things like the centerline symbol (an L overlayed on top of a C).
You'll likely have to ask whoever you got the drawing from.
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Ask the originator of the drawing(database) to send a copy of their font used in the drawing.
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Open the drawing and hit F2, AutoCAD will tell you what fonts are missing.
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Chip Harper
Ask the person who sent you this drawing to provide you the related font. The special characters could be anything. In fact the font which was used is a customized font, edited by the owner of that drawing. Good luck! paul "Roy Knapp"
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