pleaase help

how to make a frame with title block that i can import somehow in layout. I
have made title block and frame in separate drawing and make it as block,
and i can copy/paste it from there to some drawing layout but can it be done
easyer. I tryed saving title block drawing as template but when i open it in
layout there is nothing there except paper space. thanks.
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Save the drawingas a template. With the title block already inserted in a layout.
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Conny Klasson
i tryed, it doesn't work. I probably did something wrong but i don't know what. I make drawing of frame and title block. make it as block and than copy/paste to layout and than save as template. is that ok. also I have problem eith font. because font from the drawing where i put title block is making changes to the text in title block.
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Check out the tutorials
Cadalyst LT On-line
Found in the Exclusively on the Web area of the site these tutorials are great for new users to AutoCAD LT although many of the areas covered also apply to full blown AutoCAD. Written by Mark Middlebrook.
Lesson 1: Drawing Setup, part 1 Lesson 2: Drawing Setup, part 2
There are links on my AutoCAD Links Page
formatting link
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