Seeking tile roof hatch patterns

Does anyone have a pattern he/she would be willing to share which would
create a hatch pattern for a spanish style tile roof? Thanks.
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Did you try a search on Google yet?
I know there are some there, Happy hunting
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Brian Spillane
Check out my AutoCAD Download Page at
formatting link
are Adobe documents that show what is included in freeware and sharware collections on the web.
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Since hatches can only do STRAIGHT LINES and by "Spanish style tile" I assume you mean 'barrel tiles' which are curved the best you are going to get is "sorta close".
In these cases, which thankfully are few and far between, I draw a tile and array it and then trim. I have even done this for elevations oblique to the projection. (Oi my head!) It's impressive only to other CAD jockeys. If you want it, go to my site and email me.
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Michael Bulatovich
If you go here -
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and browse through the Retini section in the left hand frame you should find what you're looking for
Karen wrote:
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Tim Denning
I have a couple....Let me know if you still need any... -Rob
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Robert Klob

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