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Can anyone please tell me how to add a new hatch pattern to AutocAD R14? I would like to be able to use the bhatch command, and pick my points.


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Don Kaminska
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You need to have a closed boundary of lines, arcs, etc. You cannot pick the boundary points of the hatch. (Did I understand your question?)

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I can think of at least 6 interpretations of its meaning. (..and I'm not even really trying.)

How do I:

1) add a pattern to my acad.pat 2) add a slide to my acad.slb 3) load a custom hatch pattern 4) design a custom pattern 5) hatch an area using BHATCH
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Michael Bulatovich

Was my first thought.

Was my second thought.

I THINK he's trying to hatch by selecting boundary points, which I THINK is possible now, though it's not in A2Ki and earlier versions, so I can't test my theory.

Don, feel free to set us straight. Some of us (hehehe) have a tendency to complicate some of the posts, from time to time.

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Gordon Dann

Prueba con A Hatch Pro 1.1 crea nuevos hatchs con extension *.pat que puedes utilizar personalizados. Saludos :-) Bie Mario

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