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Ok, I have received a model from a customer that has extruded text on is.
The customer is wanting me to make a few minor changes to it before I design
a mold for it...no problem. One of the changes is to modify some of the
text from the extrusion. I edit the sketch, double click on the text to get
the sketch text properties dialog, and boom, the text instantly changes
font. Apparently, I do not have the correct font loaded on my system to
maintain the same font originally on the model.
My question: is there some way to determine what the font is supposed to be,
either before or after I open the model, so that I can track down the font
that I need?
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Seth Renigar
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Just ask your Customer what font he has used and make sure that you have this font on your PC before you open and edit the part.
As simple as that. Good luck Michael
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Baren-Boym Company
Unfortunately, I don't have that luxury. I did call them to ask them, but they didn't know. They had sub-contracted the original work to another individual and they ended up parting on bad terms (no talksy-talksy). But, the way I figure it, if the customer didn't know what font requirements it needed to be to begin with, the other sub-contractor must have picked one at random. That being the case, I don't see why it would matter if I changed the font to a very similar looking font. What they don't know.....
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Seth Renigar
Hi Seth, Check this out...
formatting link
Mike Wilson
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Mike J. Wilson
Meanwhile, tackling this from another point of view...
Submit a scan to
formatting link
or a more interactive way,
formatting link
The latter works best if you have quite a few letters available for comparison with the online examples.
Dave G.
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Dave G
I just implemented this in
formatting link
: it now lists the name(s) of the font(s) used in a model. See
formatting link
for a sample
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Philippe Guglielmetti
Thanks, that is really, really cool that a font can be deciphered from an image like that over the web. It gave me around 20 or so closest matches. Of the 20, about 3 looked identical to me and were just like the font I am looking for. It was part of the Stymie family of fonts. I went online to try to find it (for free of course) but everyone wanted anywhere from $50-$100 for it. I am not going to spend that kind of money for a stinkin font unless I am required to do so very specifically from our customer.
Anyway, I saw Mike's suggestion within your message. For some reason, Mike's message never made it to my server so this was the first I saw it. I used his advise and opened the SW model in a Hex Editor to find the font used. Worked great.
Turns out that the font listed in the Hex Editor was a Rockwell font which is different than (but probably similar to) what myfonts.com said it was. Regardless, I know I have that font at home somewhere in an archive or something so that is what I will use.
Thank everyone.
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Seth Renigar

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