estes still has great customer service

was looking at my half built outlander and realized that the plastic upper part would work remarkably well for the 1/18th scale manned prototype that we are thinking of.

OK, it is a bit more like a little Joe 2 rather than a little Joe, but for

1/18th scale we just want to see what it will "sorta" look like as we do not have our designs finalized.

anyway, i shoot off an email to estes via their website asking about getting one and the nice lady replies that if I send my snail address she'll ship one.

Didn't say i broke mine, didn't give a long song and dance story, just wanted to know if I could order the plastic part without ordering a whole kit, and she is sending me one for free.

wow, If I could get all my stuff this way, I should be able to do that manned flight for about 5 hundred bucks!

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