Great customer service from Tamiya USA!

Hi everyone, Just wanted to report on the great customer service from Tamiya USA. I had an old M3 Grant kit that was missing a couple of parts. I e-mailed the Tamiya USA web site about this, and less than a week later received a package with my missing parts! No replacement parts charges as Revell Monogram is currently doing, and no 2 month wait, just great customer service! Thanks Tamiya USA! Dave

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I usually call their Customer Service phone number. I have been doing that for years. Never any problems - their service is fast and friendly. But you have to pay for parts and shipping (nominal charge). For me it is well worth it!

And since I attended TamiyaCON, I actually know the people on the other end of the phone line. :-)

Tamiya seems to be one of the few good model companies left in the world who really care about their customers. But when Mr. S. Tamiya finally retires, there might be much less plastic model kits produced. Seems that market research shows that less people are into building scale model kits. And I'm sure that no company wants to make items which produce no profits.


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