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What is up with Tamiya (USA) customer service? I have been trying to call them (800) 826-4922 for a week, but constantly am dumped into a "all representatives are busy - please leave a message blah blah blah." So I left them a polite message detailing what I am after and giving numerous phone numbers where they can reach me.

No call back by Friday.

So I write a quick note and FAX it to them, with essentially the same message, this time including my return FAX number. It's now Tuesday and I am without response of any kind. I just called them and again was dumped into the "we're busy, so leave a message..." queue.

Has anyone ever had any luck reaching a human at Tamiya customer service? All I'm looking for is price/availability of 1/32 F-15C decal sheets.

FWIW, in an unrelated issue I recently placed an online order for parts for my son's R/C truck, and they arrived Monday. So I know someone is alive in Mission Viejo.

Am I doing something wrong (other than attempting to use the thick decals)?


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I had luck e-mailing them through the link on their site. I needed a part for a Porsche GT that I had lost and they even sent it for free rather than charging me the price quoted on the site. And it arrived in about a week instead of the estimated 4. Google should find their homepage. Good luck! Sara

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Sara L.

Have you tried the non-800 number 949-362-2240? Depending upon the size of the company, you may get a human if you change the last 1 or 2 digits in the phone number to something lower (higher in the hierarchy) , like 949-362-2200, or 800-826-4900, 4920, etc.

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Did someone use the words "Tamiya" and "customer service" in the same sentence? :-)


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Art Murray

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