Dollar Tree Victor NY worst customer service ever

Just had the worst customer service I can remember in my entire life. At a
Dollar Tree, in Victor NY. I've had good service there in the past, which is
why this is so exceptional. The clerk, a teen boy, with the name tag
"CAMERON" asked if I was finished so he could cash me ot. Needed to get his
drawer open so he could give the other lady her change. I said I wasn't
sure, but what the heck. Cash me out.
He explained that I could continue shopping. He'd done this before, that
some customers buy one item, and then go back to shopping. So I told him, I
was finished enough, and he should cash me out. Over a period of 3 to 5
minutes, I told him four times to go ahead and cash me out. Or was it five.
He kept talking and talking, until finally I used my best drill sargeant
voice and ordered him to cash me out.
He kept talking. It became clear that he was abusing his power, and just
dangling me on a string. I stormed out of the store. I went home, got the
number, and called the store manager, and give him a detailed account. Al,
the manager, sounds like he's not from NY. Very friendly fellow. Including
reccomend that the boy should be fired immediately. Al says he'll get to the
bottom of this. But he can't fire the kid after nine months of no
complaints. He could if it were something really serious. I explained that
mistreating customers lost him a sale, and may have lost him a customer. I
left him my name and home phone number, if he needed further testimony.
And then I called national, left a message with them, got their voice mail.
Same reccomendation. If you've ever been in the Victor Dollar Tree, and had
bad customer service by a dark haired teenager named Cameron, please
imediately telephone the store, and tell Al about it. (585) 223-6050.
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Stormin Mormon
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Stormin Mormon wrote in article ...
So, you went to McDonald's and expected to be treated like you were at Mama Leone's.
Getting the kid fired from a minimum-wage job may make YOU feel as though you are wielding "The Power of the Consumer", but the truth is that it won't amount to a flyspeck in the universe.
That kid will eventually no longer work there only to be replaced by another similar lackey.
The best way to deal with the dollar stores that have been proven to be profiting from the sale of unsafe Chinese products to an unsuspecting American public is NOT walking out......
It is NOT walking IN in the first place!
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This illustrates the current distaste conservatives have for McCain. Why do we keep enabling the country club republicans, when instead, we should toss them out on their... ear?
This young individual needs a "come to Jesus" experience, where if you putz the customer, you will not be around long. It may not empower any one customer, but maybe that young 'un will then apply the lesson in the next employment.
Note: Feel free to place deity / non-deity of choice in quote)
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Louis Ohland
Louis Ohland wrote in article ...
You certainly have a valid point concerning the "come to Jesus" experience for the young putz......
.....but, how will that change the situation in the dollar store when he is simply replaced with the next candidate for a lesson in life?
That was my point.
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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Since you weren't sure, why didn't you just continue shopping? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Learn more about Jesus ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Okay, I get it now. :-( ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ You could have tattooed a scarlet letter on his forehead so we would all be able to spot him in the future. GOD FORBID that he sould go on victimizing humanity with his horrible idle chatter.
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Leo Lichtman
I'd simply take out my mobile phone at the first hint of being jacked around, turn on the video camera (or act as if I was doing that if the phone didn't have that feature) and ask the kid if wanted to do his job or be without his job because I don't go into stores to play games. Steve
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Steve Monroe
If you are going to go on a rant on-line and try to get some kid fired, I suggest you take the "Learn more about Jesus" line out of your signature. I can't speak personally for LDS, but I expect they would want you to remove that line too.
Carl Boyd
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Carl Boyd
Have you ever shopped at a Dollar tree store? There are several in my area. They are clean, I can walk around with my cane, and I can buy american made products there. Some food, automotive stuff, and DVDs. yes, they do have Chinese stuff, along with about 30 other countries. I've seen things made in Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico... You get the idea.
OTOH, if you can't find something you need that is US made, why pay a big name store a wad of cash when the identical item is a buck? Dollar Tree is a liquidator, along with their Chinese stuff. If you are stupid you can by junk anywhere. Go into K-Mart and by some of their Chinese made Martha Stewart crap. Other stores have 'Celebrity' names on hole lines of Chinese crap, as well.
I will say though, that K-Mart was the only store that carried the American made Swing-Away can opener I was looking for. It even had the proper red handles. :)
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Michael A. Terrell
Yup, I'm inclined to use the phrase "holier than thou", but it would fall on deaf ears... /mark
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Mark F
Not sure how this relates to that but, if McCain is the option to Hillary or Obama, it would be utter folly for any conservative to vote for either of them, or to stay home which would in effect be voting for them.
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Dave Hinz
On Tue, 12 Feb 2008 00:56:17 GMT, with neither quill nor qualm, Mark F quickly quoth:
And I wish you guys would quit quoting the jesus freaks, hmmm?
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Larry Jaques
I agree, Louis.
The reason that he/she does that is that they know they can get a job down the street. I think that because folks let them get by with it, is the reason that they do it.
If they lose one job quickly, right after another, then, just maybe, it may dawn on them that they are not the sweet, little darlings that their parents have told them that they are.
Comeuppance is a wonderful thing.
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Either this guy is active in two totally unrelated newsgroups I read or he is posting this everywhere. I'm guessing he has a personal problem with a dude named Cameron and is trying to cause a problem for him... But that's only speculation based on the fact that he didn't respond in the other newsgroup where we posted to him...
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Joe AutoDrill
The old story; when you keep doing what you have been doing, you keep getting what you have been getting.
I've been voting for the lesser of 2 evils and I don't like what I'm getting - so now I'm going to vote for the WORST of the 2 evils.
Free men own guns - www(dot)geocities(dot)com/CapitolHill/5357/
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nick hull
A friend of mine uses petroleum jelly for her dry skin. 12 ounces is about three bucks at Walmart. Cheaper at Dollar Tree.
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Stormin Mormon
Someone called back from headquarters. Says Cameron is on suspension, pending investigation. So, at least someone returns phone calls.
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Stormin Mormon
Thirty years ago as a Target housewares peed'on, the Swing-Away was the only one I'd recommend. The Ekco was cheaper, but not durable.
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David R. Birch
I'm tempted to vote for whatever Dem is offered just to hasten the continuation of the American Revolution. As far as what they support, Clinton/Obama/McCain are indistinguishable.
Buy guns NOW. And ammo...
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David R. Birch
The old Swing-Away was almost 25 years old. If this one lasts as long, I'll be happy. :)
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Michael A. Terrell

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