waste PVC

was talking with a clubmember last night, and he was lamenting aout how they
waste so much PVC when cleaning out their plastic trim extruders. he asid
there was this slug that was approx 40mm diameter of about 4-6 feet with a
little hole down the center.
I then slapped him upside the head and explained hybrids, adn that he should
get me a chunk.
the then slowly explained that this would be way too heavy for a body tube.
I then body slammed him to the floor, explained about hybrid fuel slugs and
told hime to get me a chunk.
he then tried to tell me that this stuff was PVC and could in no way be able
to be used for fuel, it burned too slowly.
I then attemped to throw him thru the wall nostril first and explained PVC
hybrid fuel slugs and told him to get me a chunk.
maybe after he gets out of the virtual hospital, he'll realize i would not
have beat him if he would have just gave me a chunk and let me dcide on my
Comments anyone? say some ideas for a real heavy fuel grain?
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tater schuld
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Better than using it as motor *casing*!
Sounds like you're on your way to the world of experimental hybrid motors.
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John DeMar
hmmmm, ideas. That must have been after I was over(I didn't see any holes in the walls). I just wonder what condition it is in. All the waste I have seen from there has either been puddles or so warped that it was useless.
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zak orion
Yes it was. last night he left me with some "stuff" not puddles, not scorched, but more like a skeletal spine. not exactly what I had in mind but something to think about.
any amateurs here cast their own PVC slugs? tempatures, equipment, procedures would be nice to know about.
Currently the other members idea is to imerse it in peanut oil at 350-400 and press into a liner. I have similar thoughts but was thinking about a self contained unit to increase safety issues.
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Tater Schuld

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