acetylene gauge pulsating

What causes a acetylene regularot to start pulsuting? The manifold is about 5 years old, with about 10 hours of use. This is my second regulator doing the same thing. Do i throw it away again and buy a new one or can it be repaired? The first one caused a flash back that boomed so bad that the torch went one way and I feel back out of my chair. Had to change my underwear after that. This last regulator was a Rador and the salesman said it was made by Victor.

Thanks, Mac

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How much gas are you drawing? If you exceed 1/7th of the total capacity of the cylinder per hour you are in danger of having acetone drops in your fuel gas.

Generally, pulsing regulators mean sticky diaphragms, which can certainly be repaired by a good tech.


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Grant Erwin

Grant, while they can be repaired it seems like all repairs are extremely expensive. Probably due to liability??? My Harris torch body needed a new o-ring where you can attach/detach the cutting torch. $75 repair cost. My vendor (who sends out the work) will not do a minor repair without a major overhaul and a full polish. I've spent $85 having Victor gauges repaired that were 'hunting'. It seems like it's almost cheaper to toss-and-buy.

Sorry about griping.....

Ivan Vegvary

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Ivan Vegvary

You're dealing with a middleman. You want to find out who your vendor is sending the stuff to, and go get to know that guy.


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