Acetylene to Propane Conversion

Went googling for tips for a propane cutting torch. Are the tip size numbers for acetylene similar with the propane tips?

I have a Victor 315 torch. I have a SR450D O2 regulator. I have a SR460D acetylene regulator. If I get this right, I would have to buy a propane regulator, is that correct?

And am I also correct, as by Ernie's statement, that I can use the regular red/green hoses, or would it be best to go to the ones suggested specifically for propane.

It looks like any way I go, there's going to be things to be bought, and it's almost coming down to a toss up as to whether to switch to propane or just keep it acetylene. After I buy the tips, regulator, etc.

Info and help appreciated.


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Don't have an answer handy for you.

No. You can use your acetylene regulator for propane as well, although if you want to source e.g. 50 psi your acetylene regulator doesn't go that high.

I don't remember Ernie saying you can use regular (type R) welding twin-lead for propane, because that is *not* the case. Type R is used only for acetylene is what I was taught. By Ernie. For LP fuels you need type T hose.

Not buying a regulator will save you much more than you will have to spend on grade T hose. You can use grade T hose with all fuels - that's all I buy anymore.


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Grant Erwin

Well, I'm chomping at the bit to get a smoke wrench going again. Maybe I confused Ernie's statement that the reg was okay, but needed new hose. No problem. But if I had to buy them both, I'd be back in the ballpark of just buying an acetylene tank If I don't hear from Ernie soon, I'll talk to the counter geek at AirGas.

With this, I can use the propane/ox mix for my gopher getter, too.

I'm off to Vegas for a week or so Monday, so these projects get interrupted. That and honeydews. Then to San Diego after Vegas, so it will probably be about two weeks with NO puttering. And then there's the remodel coming up. Sheesh, sometimes it's a drag when you're handy. A big drag.

But it's a big jigsaw puzzle. A piece here, a piece there, and sooner or later it gets done.


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When we started using LPG for cutting we just took the entire oxy-act system and hooked up the LPG tank. I can't remember whether we needed to make a new nipple to fit the LPG tank or not, but it is something to check. This was a pretty full Victor set and we used what I reckon was a size or perhaps two larger for the cooking gas then I'd have started off with acetylene

Bruce in Bangkok (brucepaigeATgmailDOTcom)

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Within each brand, yes. Between brands, no.

Your Acetylene reg is fine for use on Propane.

Standard R grade hose will work, but the propane will reduce it's life-span for many years.

T hose is designed for acetylene and LP gasses.

Propane will cost you much less in the long run.

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Ernie Leimkuhler
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I got a medium Vector set and had to get a Propane 'tip'.

Mart> >

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Martin H. Eastburn

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