Acetylene vs Propane - hose and fittings compatibility ?

What are the rules for compatibility with acetylene and propane hoses?
Also for other fittings; regulators, flashback arrestors.
UK (European) rules state that acetylene hoses (red) must be
compatible with acetone, and that propane hoses (orange) must
withstand pentane. However they don't say how this is achieved. I'm
hearing confusing stories from hose vendors too; some claim acetylene
is OK in propane hose (as it has an extra nitrile liner), others that
propane is OK in acetylene hose.
How does this affect regulators too ? Is it safe to use an acetylene
regulator for propane, or could there be damage to the diaphram ?
(I've no intention of doing this, just curious).
I'm also wondering about flashback arrestors; the large resettable
sort (Saffire 35+ to be precise). I've heard that these come in three
flavours; oxygen, acetylene and propane. Propane gas can be used with
either fuel type of kit, but the acetylene flashback doesn;t have the
pressure or flow capacity to allow its use for high power work with a
large heating nozzle.
All comments welcome ! I'd be particularly grateful for on-line (or
affordable) sources of regulations BCGA CP7, EN559 & EN730
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Andy Dingley
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For LP you need a Grade T hose and for acetylene a grade T or R will work fine. If you use a grade R hose on LP it will swell up I've been told.
Acetylene regulators will work fine with LP
You definitely wont flashback arrestors but I don't have a answer to this except I have a Firepower torch ( LP and AC ) with internal flashback arrestors on it.
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Rod MI
Thats because Acetylene is supplied dissolved in Acetone like CO2 is disolved in water in a soda bottle. Highly compressed gaseous Acetone tends to breakdown or explode so I've heard.
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Chris Glen-Smith

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