Titanium eyeglass frames -repair

Has anyone ever tried repairing busted titanium frames? One of the frames
that actually holds a lens is broken.
They seem to be soldered together according to the person who asked me for
help. I suggested going to a jeweler. Or JB Weld.
Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks.
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Greg M
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Buy new ones. If epoxy won't fix it, they are toast.
The solder used for titanium is extremely expensive, and the repair must still be done in a purge chamber.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
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Thanks Ernie. I didn't have any idea about the solder.
But I have watched titanium disappear; ooh boy.
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Greg M
I asked this question in rcm a few years ago and the consensus was that they were essentially not repairable. Even though they were fancy Armani frames, spare side arms were not crazy expensive, but maybe you won't be so lucky with the front part.
Best regards, Spehro Pefhany
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Spehro Pefhany
It may depend on the frames. If they are all titanium, the other replys have it. I wear a version with titatium parts (which flex) but the actual lens-holding parts are steel (gold plated, perhaps, but steel). Oddly, the all titanium frames some idiot tried to sell me were not flexible, and non flexing frames have a very short lifespan around me. These ones last until the steel part corrodes to death from sweat...
Those are fairly easy to fix if the lens holding part breaks...regular silver solder.
Try a magnet on it?
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I'll give them a shout on the magnet.
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Greg M
I wish I could remember where I saw it but I found an article on brazing Ti with 4043 aluminum and a special flux. Anybody know about this?
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Ted Edwards

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