Help on 1958 Lionel Horn replacement

Last year around this time, I asked for help concerning where the horn
was supposed to be in my 1958 Lionel 218 Santa Fe locomotive.
Originally purchased from my grandfather, my Dad had no recollection
of the horn ever being sounded when he was a kid. Someone
from this group helped me know where it was supposed to be and I
ordered a replacement form George Tebolt.
So now, I want to install it. But the horn does not seem to be a
direct replacement, and I was hoping someone here can either
recommend the *exact* horn that will fit in place, or how to get the
one I have to fit. Check out some photos I've taken of the
locomotive and the horn:
In this one, it shows where the horn should go and the bracket on
which it should be. Have no idea what happened to it, other than
it broke and my grandfather removed it!
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In this one, it shows the back of the original horn bracket (where the
slotted head screw is):
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In this one, you can see the original bracket and the new horn I
received. The original bracket has a screw and nut, and is riveted to
the base. The new horn has a tab pointing downward at the base and
that same-looking bracket is attached to the horn by two
rivets on the back.
Horn front:
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Any ideas or suggestions? Is there a more accurate direct-replacement
horn I should get? Or is this as close as I'm going to get? I
guess I would have to drill out the old rivet holding the original
bracket to put the new one in place. But then on the back of the
original are those two wires soldered together I'd have to reattach in
some manner...
I was able to jumper test it and everything works correctly. When I
push the button, the horn sounds. Just have to get it mounted!
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From what I can see in the pictures that is the correct horn, or a reasonable copy.
There should not be a nut on the screw at the top of the horn mounting bracket.
Instead, a 6-32x3/16" screw, with a solder lug and a lock washer on it, should feed through that hole and thread into the hole on the bracket on the horn. If it's not already threaded, you may have to tap the horn for a 6-32 screw, or use a self tapping 6-32x3/16" screw to mount the horn. The horn is mounted with the air hole on top, and the wire coming out the bottom.
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