Questions about new TIG machine

Hi all --
Am thinking about upgrading from my current stick welders, and developing my
kinda shaky TIG capability -- so, has anyone had any experience with the new
Lincoln Precision TIG 225? Since I still have to weld with stick, does it
work ok with rods like 6010 and 7018?
"Kick to fit, hammer edges, weld shut"
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Will Bunnell
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Lincon had some problems with Stick welding from their earlier small transformer machines, but I believe they have gotten much better.
Still not a production stick welder, but they can at least handle 7018 and 6011. I wouldn't run 6010 from one.
BTW that machine is running around $1850 right now. For another $150 you can move to an inverter which weighs about 1/6 as much, and pulls half the amps from the wall.
The Thermal Arc Arcmaster 185 is running right around $2000.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
I would say it could BURN them, but I wouldn't want to use it for any length of time. The electronics in it are better at TIG. If you want to burn rod, get a used machine that will run all day and not heat up. You want to just use the TIG feature, and conserve the life of that part of the machine.
Anyway, that's what I'd do. If you really need just one machine, then I suggest moving up to some big heavy honker that you won't be heating up as much when you stick weld.
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