acetylene regulator tank pressure needle shaking


I have a few month old Firepower oxy/acetylene outfit. Just today I was welding some 1/8" angle together and the acetylene tank pressure needle started shaking/vibrating back and forth. It's reading over 150psi at the tank, and I'm only using 3psi on a #3 tip.

Do I need to be worried about anything here?

Thanks! Sherman

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Sherman Mui
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I have overhauled a few 2nd stage scuba regulators that tended to do about the same thing. They would make honking noise as you inhaled. I was able to adjust those regulators to eliminat the problem.

Your regulator should be under warrenty. Give them a call to see how they handle warrenty repairs. I would not use that regulator until it was fixed. Acetylene is a sensitive gas that I would not mess with using equipment that isn't operating right. Get the regulator fixed even if it is out of warrenty.

Let us know how it goes.

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R. Duncan

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