History channel: cnc MIG

--Saw a show on History Channel about building aircraft carriers and they had a nice bit about the history of cnc MIG welding. What I don't get is why the long, continuous welds they are capable of doing doesn't induce warping of the joined components. What am I missing? They were talking about a 500 amp MIG gun...

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Its my understanding that if you can get total penetration of the metal, the contraction will be the same on both sides cancelling each other out. Just a thought....I have been known to be wrong before..... June of 1989!

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Just adding a little extra:

The aircraft carrier probably uses 20+ foot sheets of 1 to 4 inch steel. The heat from the weld, therefore, is going to be fairly local to the region being welded on. The surrounding steel probably absorbs the heat pretty quick, helping the welded zone cool down faster while also keeping the steel in the immediate area above normal temperatures.

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