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I know it has been said many times, but Hitec CS is among the best. Sent in a receiver to be checked out after a mishap. They replaced a damaged ceramic filter and retuned it for no charge. Hard to beat.

John VB

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There are people out there who'd consider that poor service! I mean, you had to send them the broken receiver at your own cost! They didn't send you a brand new receiver, no questions asked.

Must be you're easy to please :)

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Mathew Kirsch

I have been both surprised and pleased by Hitec service. Nothing ever seems to be "out of warranty." I have noticed that JR is a lot more liberal since Hitec service became such a topic of conversation. There's a business lesson in here, someplace. Followup business from a satisfied customer is the name of the game.

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John R. Agnew

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