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I was thinking about just the opposite. I could justify the purchase of a vacuum bagging pump if I could show the SO that we could also use if for food preservation. ;>)

Just a slightly related thought... My father-in-law just got one of these > food vacu-bagging machines. The type advertised on TV. I have had an idea of > checking it to see if it has enough power to vac bag small items. He brought > over several food items to show off his new toy and I was impressed as to > the tightness of the bag around little things like grapes and other test > items! The sandwich looked pretty flat! Not very appetizing! The bags come > in different sizes and > GY > > If buying an off-the-shelf vacuum bagging pump for laying up large models > > what would you recommend? What vacuum should I be looking at? A pump that > > was capable of providing a compressed air source [spray painting] aswell > as > > a vacuum would be be useful. Needs to be fairly quiet. > > > > Thanks > > > > I Robinson > > > > > >
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Ian -

I have seen a lot of good vac bagging systems made with old refrigerator compressors. I'm pretty sure that you could figure out how to make a pump that would do the job and also work as a paint spraying compressor. None of these would remotely qualify as off the shelf.


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an off the shelf solution for the vacuum bagging.

Most importantly, get yourself some nitrile gloves and stay safe.

happy trails - Rob Glover

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Rob Glover

THANKS for all the helpful replies. What vacuum [Hg] and CFM should I be looking at achieving? Whilst initially for large models, I would like to be able to vacuum bag much larger components later, say 3.5m x 0.15m x 0.9m [11ft 6in x 6'in x 3ft']. I guess that there must be a formula for working out the required CFM from the volume of the component to be bagged and pressure required but presumably you also have to allow for leakage? Additionally, if one wanted to spray paint componentst of that size, what pressure would be required?


Ian Robinson

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Ian Robinson

Don't worry about CFM versus model size.

Use a two-stage lash-up . . . vacuum cleaner to draw the initial partial vacuum and pull out the majority of the air, then switch over to a sho' nuff' vacuum pump to pull the high vacuum.

Cheers, Fred McClellan the dash plumber at mindspring dot com

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Fred McClellan

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