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1700? I didn't think the vacuum was invented until 1901 :)
J.K. Most DIY bagging vaccum pumps I've heard of involve a refridgerant compressor (out of a fridge, car, window AC, dehumidifier, etc). The household vacuum probably wont give good results, it moves a lot of air but doesn't create the low pressure that you need to really squeeze everything together in the bag.
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Steve Banks
the problem with household vacuum cleaners is that most of them depend on airflow for cooling. If you try to maintain a vacuum with them, you end up burning out the motor. They'll pull a decent vacuum (not like a true vacuum pump, or refrigerator pump, even, but better than nothing), but can't maintain it.
Steve Banks wrote:
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Roger G
We used vacuum cleaners for vac forming in school workshops. As long as you kept switching on and off they worked OK for the short time we needed to maintain the suction. Some vacuum cleaners have provision for an airbleed to prevent "cooking" the motor. I don't know if that would work for wing skinning though.
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