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I would like someone to point me in the direction of a web site that has
technical information on the type of chassis used in various categorys of
racing, such as modified and pro-stock.
Finished searching about a hundred sites but seem to be hitting a brick wall
Thank You
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john noon
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I found this:
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I don't know how accurate it is and apparently the actual, official specs are only available to NASCAR members so it's probably the best you'll find. Here's what they say on their site:
Rules and Guidelines NASCAR issues five different Rule Books, each of which includes in its title reference to a particular NASCAR-sanctioned series. There is a 2001 NASCAR Rule Book for the NASCAR Winston Cup Series, a 2001 NASCAR Rule Book for the NASCAR Busch Series, Grand National Division, NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, NASCAR Regional Touring Series and NASCAR Weekly Racing Series. Each NASCAR Rule Book is published exclusively for NASCAR members.
I also found this description which is interesting but doesn't offer any actual specs:
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Best Regards, Keith Marshall
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Keith Marshall
Thank You for the lead, I will be talking to one of the local drivers this week and see what I can did up on chassis specs, hope to get the chance to build a few frames for next years race season.
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john noon
john noon wrote in article ...
Just so you'll know......
I worked for NASCAR from 1993 to 1999.
During that time, at one of our annual "Team Meetings" in Daytona for Regional Touring Series officials from around the country, we did an exercise in rules interpretation.
It seems that a similar situation had occured in the previous season on two different Regional Touring Series on opposite sides of the country.
Officials from one Touring Series sent their competitor home after discovering a relatively minor rules infraction following qualifying.......
The other Touring Series officials allowed their competitor to correct the infraction, then take a "provisional" after discovering an equally minor rules infraction following qualifying....
With Regional Touring Series officials from around the country in attendance, the question that was put out was...."Who was right?"
After an hour of debate that became heated at times, Dennis Huth, then Director of Touring Series for NASCAR, announced that both decisions had been fully supported by NASCAR.
He then stated that the NASCAR rulebook is written with a certain amount of intentional vagueness in order to allow local NASCAR officials to make the best decision on a case-by-case basis....since it is the local officials who understand the unique situations.
Having said all that, I would strongly suggest that you get in touch with the Technical Director for whichever NASCAR - or other - series/track for which you wish to build cars, and get HIS interpretations of various rules.
Believe it or not, the Tech guy can sometimes be the chassis builder's best friend.
Bob Paulin
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Bob Paulin
thank you
I will be in contat with the local tech guys later on right now I was just looking for drawings so I could make up some 3D prints on the weekend.
But as it happens I will have to find something else to do to pass the time.
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