Welding regulator question

I connected an oxygen regulator (Victor SR 450) to a cylinder. No hose is attached to the regulator. The high pressure gauge reads fine. I turned in the adjust screw. The regulator "flutters" or "chatters" at high flow. Is there a problem?

Is there a better way to test a regulator for proper function without completely connecting a welding torch?


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Dev Null
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Sounds like a broken regulator. It should be fixable.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

The low pressure side is trying desperatly to bring the entire room up to the output pressure you set. You need a smaller space the pressurize, like the hoses with a torch on the end. This way you can test the regulator in a static (no-flow) and a dynamic (controlled-flow) condition. Someone may come up with make shift ways, but this is the most straight forward.

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Ken Moffett

Bad or perhaps the Oxygen regulator isn't intended for high flow and so it isn't damped from vibrations in the line.


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Martin H. Eastburn

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