Oxygen Regulator Gauge

Cylinder Total Pressure Gauge is broken, won't go back to zero, don't know how much oxygen is in the Cylinder?

Where can I purchase a cheap gauge? What can I expect to pay for one? Or can mine be fixed easily??

Thanks, Steve

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Medical oxygen regulators have gauges and aren't that expensive (50-60 bucks). Perhaps galls.com has these, otherwise google for "EMS supplies" and see what comes up. Obviously pressure ratings are important if your plans don't include exploding parts and shrapnel wounds.

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Dave Hinz

"Lucifer" wrote: (clip)Where can I purchase a cheap gauge? What can I expect to pay for one? Or can mine be fixed easily? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Depends on what is wrong. It may just need to have the needle repositioned. Or if the gearing under the dial has slipped, you may be able to spring it enough to put it back. If the gauge is really toast, I would go to a welding supply store, and see if they have a repair service. My place sent me to the shop that does their work for them, and I suddenly had access to anything I wanted.

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Leo Lichtman

Go to your local welding supply store. Be sure to get a gauge specifically for oxygen, not a general purpose gauge. I bought one last year, I think it was around $15, installed it myself.


Lucifer wrote:

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Richard Ferguson

Take it to the welding supply shop, or to a repair shop. You are talking about something that can really hurt you or burn down your building. Good ain't cheap and cheap ain't good. Check the local pawn shops and Quarter a Word ad papers in your area. Try to get a Victor, or common brand name because you can get them serviced, and they are more reliable. If only the high side gauge is broken, perhaps you can find a gauge that is broken in some other way and just take off that one gauge. The threads on those gauges are standard, and should be interchangeable. Match the threads to be sure. Just be sure if you change the gauge, or you have it fixed that it is one hundred percent okay. Use soapy water to check your connections.

Good luck.

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Napa sells them, prolly $20. I pick em up at swap meets, $1 - $5 various pressures.

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Oxygen gauges can be very dangerous if contaminated with dirty oil. When subjected to high pressure oxygen they can explode. We used to perform these tests at Dresser (Ashcroft gauges). The results would make you think twice about buying a cheap replacement that has not been properly flushed clean.

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