gas welding regulator problem,..

Hello, I am doing some cutting with an older victor oxy/acetalene set
up. This went as expected for a few days but I noticed a kind of
chuffing or squeaking sound from the oxygen regulator this afternoon.
If the regulator is set for 25psi for example the pressure will range
rapidly between 24-26. You can see the cutting flame shorten and
lengthen in time to the sound. The oxy tank shows 1500psi or about
half full. I changed tips but no difference. If I turn the torch off
and leave the tank open the regulator stays dead on 25 with no change.
It's only when the oxy torch valves are open that the problem presents
Any idea what would do this? It's a victor setup with not much use on
it. Thanks for your time.
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ray lunder
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Maybe a diaphragm problem in the regulator? Get a qualified torch/reg shop to look at it. A lot of the time they will do it on the spot for not that much cash.
Good luck.
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John L. Weatherly
It sounds like you need to take the regulator to your authorized Victor dealer to have it rebuilt.
I use Welsco.
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That's exactly what they do before they blow up. ;-) Don't take any chances. Take it in for an overhaul. You will do better work, and we won't be reading about you in the morning paper.
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Steve B
It's definitely a sticky diaphragm. It can easily be repaired by any competent repair shop. If you don't have one locally, you can send it to these guys, they are thoroughly professional:
Hansen & Miller 4101 Leary Way NW Seattle, WA 98107 206-782-8842
Unlike the other posters, I don't think you are in any danger by using it as is.
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Grant Erwin

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