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Has anyone tried to weld inside a turkey baking bag purged with argon? It seems that it could be used in a pinch for small items.


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Thomas Brooks
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"Thomas Brooks" wrote: Has anyone tried to weld inside a turkey baking bag purged with argon? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

1.)I could only get one foot in, much less my whole body. 2.) You can't close one of those bags from the inside. 3.) Breathing problems.
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Leo Lichtman

I have tried spot welding molybdenum in a damned big plastic bag purges with argon. Almost worked, but Moly is evil stuff to weld.


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I'd say of all of the bags those are the ones to try out. They are made for high temps. Might not melt on splatter.

Let us know. - Should be plenty in the stores right now.

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Thomas Brooks wrote:

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Martin H. Eastburn

Yes, They work! I had a Ti. blower restraint plate fracture- I fixed in one. Worked like a champ! Sucked all the air out with a shop vac, purged it with the torch, and three rods inside (and hose.)puffed it up just a bit so I could hold the torch through the bag. Had the worklead bolted to the blower chassis and just used the torch inside of the bag from outside, a little weird but it works. The rod was a bitch to hold so I bent it into a arc, helped out a lot. I don't have enough work to justify a purge box and for two bucks I made $90.00 and the replacement part was over $450.00 red-neck engineering saved the day. I hear of guys making sand blasting cabinets into this type of chamber but depending on it's frequency of use a large Mylar bag and zip-tie did the trick.


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Now that's ingenuity!

Somehow it reminds me of a joke.

Have you ever seen an egg plant?

Answer: Yes? Then how did you get your head that far up a chicken's booty?


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I'll have to try that, and see how it does.

The last few items I needed to weld in an inert atmosphere I did inside an old sandblaster cabinet. Took a lot of gas to purge and keep purged, I thought about using some rubber seals around the door etc, but I don't know if its worth it for what little I have to weld in a years time.

Beside if it is really complicated or difficult I just take it to the pro's down the road and trade some machining shop time for their welding skills. They always have something that needs machining, either before or after they burn it. About the only time I weld anymore is when it is simple, quick, and more convenient that taking it to them.

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Diamond Jim

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