Estes customer service

I have heard people on here bash Estes customer service, so I would like to post a little about my experiences with them

I have to give praise to estes Customer service

My first call to estes was to inquire about purchasing a silver comet tailcone I explained that I wanted to build a bt-80 they sent me the tailcone and the nosecone..compliments of Estes

my second call was to ask for tips on assembling the maxi V2 plastic fins ...they provided me with some interesting ideas ,and sent me, free of charge an extra set of fins , incase I messed up

My latest call was about a B6-4 that failed in my Dueces wild and damaged the kit beyond repair they gave me a choice of a replacement Estes kit(I picked the Big Daddy) and a complimentary pack of D12-5's to fly it on

I consider this excellent customer service..

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