Airfix customer service - superb!

Not long after the New Year I managed to break the canopy of my Airfix

1/48th scale Hawk 100. Entirely my fault, nothing inherently wrong with the part.

I e-mailed Airfix through there web site and explained the situation, asked if a replacement was a possibility and noted that I'd be happy to pay, at the very least, postage for the parts.

At the begining of this week the postman delivered a well wrapped box containing the clear sprue from the kit. This is customer service of the very highest order.

It's also worth noting that this is only the third time in over 35 years of modelling that I've had to order parts from Airfix, once for a Bristol Belvedere and once for a VW Beetle!


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John Walker
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Must agree. I got a replacement lower wing section for their 1/24 Spitfire. the biggest piece in the kit. It was warped and they sent a new one within 10 days. Pretty amazing these days.


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Can you tell me the email ID and contact info of their US representative ?

i have atleast 2 kits with destroyed / damaged parts in need of a spare, and if these guys are as good as you say, i will definitely like to get in touch with em.

thank in advance


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Vinod Cherian

They don't have one AFAIK but you can get replacement parts by sending an email request to .

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Al Superczynski

I sent in one of those parts request forms that they put in each kit.


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who me?

John, I agree completely! I had almost the same experience except it was the canopy on an Airfix DH Comet which was left out of a new boxed kit. Part was shipped promptly in a well packaged post. Their customer service person was extremely courteous and professional. She made the task pleasant.

Kaliste Saloom IPMS/Acadiana Plastic Modelers Society Lafayette, LA USA

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Kaliste Saloom

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