Hero-gram for Smer customer service

Just wanted to publicly congratulate Smer for some outstanding customer
service. I've been making the Inpact 1/48 Bristol Bulldog, and bought the
Smer (ex-Merit) one for the decals, because the Inpact ones were seriously
old. Everything went well until the last (fuselage) roundels+checkers, which
shattered as soon as they hit the water.
I sent a mail (in English) through the Smer website, not expecting much, but
I thought it was worth a try. I didn't get an acknowledgement, but
yesterday, six days later, an envelope dropped through my door, with
priority postage on it, with a complete replacement decal sheet (better
printed and even brighter colours than the previous one!)
So, I'd just like to say a big thank you to Smer, and I wish every model
company had the same attitude to customer service!
Best regards,
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Matt Bacon
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i bought a couple of their walrus'. one had no canopy. emailed and also no acknowledgement. but later that week i had the entire clear tree replaced. they are good.
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