Using a teblet with AutoCAD and 3D MAX

I was looking at this website and they have a nice cheap tablet for about
£60 here
formatting link
reason I haven't considered a tablet before is because the small ones
seem expensive to me but this one is a descent size and the pen is wireless.
What I would like to know is how well a tablet like this would intergrate
with AutoCAD and 3d Max? Is it easy to get used to? anyone here used one and
thought they were the worst thing ever?
BTW if you are in UK they have a nice cheap wireless keyboard and mouse here
formatting link
I think looks really good and for £15 you can't go wrong (well I hope
not as I will be getting one :-)
Thanks for any input
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Once you get used to a tablet (a good one) you'll never go back. Much easier on the hand and wrist. If set up correctly movement repeatability is fantastic.
I don't notice or miss the acad quick zoom from the mouse at all.
If you do serious work with acad you might want to consider something like a summasketch, they are expensive but last forever. I use a summasketch2 that is over 10 years old now and still works like a champ.
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