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This sort of carries on from the thread about inserting incemental numbers.
Once I have inserted the numbers on the dawing and the client sees it, they
often change their mind, which means I have to renumber the cabinets. Not
the way I would like either, I would like to let the existing cabinets keep
their number and just add new numbers for the new items.But due to the
moaning from the guys on the workshop floor, I need to start again with the
Does anyone have a lisp that would add a vertain amount to an already
existing text string, so that if I deltee 5 cabinets, i could just add 5 to
the already placed existing cabinet numbers.
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If you make yourself a block with a single attribute for this purpose, you will find a lisp on my site that will do the job. It'll start from any given number, use any given interval, even allow you to add an alpha/numeric prefix or suffix to the number. It's called Bseq.lsp
If you want to modify it for text labelling, it should be pretty easy. (Change one line of code?) MichaelB
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Michael Bulatovich
Thanks, but i only want text strings of numbers adding to really, dtext is the command used to create them, I thought I saw a lisp routine that would do this, I think that there was one on Cadalot, but haven't got the time to search at the moment.
Will look toinght though.
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