Inconsistent line types

I have a multi-sheet drawing of one of my mold designs. When I create
section views I often jog my section to show specific items. There is a
solid line where the section jogs immediately upon creation of the section
What I like to do is select those solids lines and change the line type to a
phantom line. On one of my sheets, this works as expected. On another sheet
it doesn't. What I mean is that the line still shows as a solid line after I
thought I had changed it. Furthermore, when I select it and try to change it
again- it already tells me that it is a phantom line even though it dosn't
look like one. I just plotted this drawing and it looks that way on the plot
as well. Sheet 3 shows phantoms where the section view jogs and sheet 4
shows solid lines.
SWX03, sp4 ; Win 2K Pro, sp3 ; Nvidia xgl750 with latest drivers.
Thoughts anyone? TIA,
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John Kreutzberger
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Hi John, I have had the same problem, there are usually 2(one for each end of the cut) lines one on top of the other. What I have done is not make the jog line horizontal or vertical but at a slight angle, depending. That way you can select both lines in the cut and change the line type, one hidden, one phantom. Or try hiding one of the overlapping lines, then you might be able to pick the other. maybe RMB and "Select Other" ???????
Mike Eckstein
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Michael Eckstein
Hi John,
Select the Edge filter then window over the line/s you want to change. Most often this will select the lines hiding behind each other. BTW, (RMB, "select other") doesn't seem to work in the case of lines on top of each other in drawings.
Ken B.
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