Assembly part number vs. Detail part number

I have a multi-sheet drawing of an assembly, the assembly itself on the
first sheet, and each subsequent sheet with dimensioned views of the
individual component parts. I have a part number for the assembly that
I would like to show in the title block on each sheet, and a part number
for each detail part I want to show adjacent to the respective detail views.
How do I propagate the assembly part number (stored as a Custom Property
in the assembly model) to each sheet, without putting a view (hidden) of
the assembly on each sheet also? The Sheet Properties dialog box has a
"Use Custom Property values from model shown in:", but the only
selections are for the views shown on that particular sheet.
I'm sure I'm overlooking something simple here....
Steve R.
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Steve Rauenbuehler
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One thing you can do, Steve, is to "fool" SolidWorks into putting the number you want where you want it without modifying your sheet format. Create an empty (dummy) file and make it such that the Custom Properties list the assembly part number you want for the property used for the Drawing Number in your sheet format. Then insert that dummy part on each sheet and "point" the Sheet Properties to the view where that dummy part is inserted. You don't even have to Hide the view because there will be nothing in it.
Steve Rauenbuehler wrote:
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The other simple way is to re-type the assembly part number into the drawing sheet custom properties.
Merry :-)
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Merry Owen
Thanks, guys....both good ideas.
I'm glad this group is here. With a couple of thousand other pairs of eyes looking at your problem, somebody's bound to come up with a simpler way. I had been putting an "AssemblyPN" Custom Property in each part, which works, but I knew I would have a problem if/when I needed a particular part in a different assembly one of these days....
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Steve Rauenbuehler
I do what you are asking all the time by creating a custom configuration called (DWG) and use that as my first view. I then use another view to attached custom drawing notes like part #, part name & material.. What I use it for are "inseparable assemblies".
An example would Main Assy # 12345, made of parts 12345-1 (Part 1), 12345-2, 12345-3. On sheet 2, I would insert 12345-1 (DWG config) to get 12345 & Main Assy in the title block. I would then unfold my view & then right click and change properties to be default config & attach custom notes to that view to read Part No.: 12345-1, Part Name: Part 1, Material: 5052 Alum.
Matt B.
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Matthew A. Bush

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