DRAWINGS - Detail View hatch editing

I am trying to edit hatch in a detail view of a section view. There
doesn't seem to be a way to control this other than editing the hatch
in the parent section view. The detail is scaled so what is good for
the section is too fine for the detail.
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I'm pretty sure that "scale hatch pattern" was available in SW2004. It would be in the detail view properties.
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Seth Renigar
In 2006 the hatches certainly seem to be directly linked between the parent and detail view. However, the spacing is kept constant in terms of "paper space" units. i.e. if it measures 2mm in the parent when printed out, it will also measure 2mm in the detail view, and so there will be twice as many lines in a 2:1 scale detail view.
Is that what you are finding unacceptable?
Regards, John H
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John H
Thanks, now I know what another little checkbox does. :)
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