Detail View Bug ?

SW2004 SP0.0

Create a Section View then create a Detail View. (geometry in view must contain real arcs) Export to DWG. Import back into SolidWorks as a drawing. Check the Detail View. Opps....

It seems SW's converts all the arcs to circles... Can someone check this before I call my VAR?

Thank You Jacob

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Jacob Filek
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Yes Jacob,

I beat you to this one about a month ago. spr#61750. Probably wouldn't hurt to call your VAR and report it again.

It is also screwed up when you try to plot it. (at least mine was.) The work-around that I came up with was to create a separate partial secion view of the area that I wanted and make it whatever scale was needed. Then crop it.

Hope this helps.

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John Kreutzberger

This is actually nothing new ...first time I saw it was in a detail view taken from an isometric view showing tubes and swivelling connections in SW

2001. Exporting this detail view to DWG created huge cirkels. As John sais it screwed up the plotting and preview with lines all over the drawing, this could not be seen on screen, but converting to DWG showed what it was. If I remember right somebody at that time said it could depend on center lines beeing out of center....but I'm not really sure that was the case.

Krister L

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Krister L

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