Could you use "mark for drawings" for only a few dimensions at once.

Hello Everyone,
By default, part sketch dimensions are checked "mark for drawings". Is
there a way to change this so the default is that they're not marked
for drawings?
I'd really like to use the "mark for drawings" option on only a few
For example, if I'm designing a part with a press fit hole for a dowel
pin, I'd like to have that dimension, and only that dimension, import
into a drawing. The rest of the dimensions will be done in the
Is there a way to do this?
(using SW2005 and SW2006 - simultaneously - wish me luck!)
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one way would be to do it in reverse-- make the few dimensions you want to import "not for drawing", and then insert just the dimensions that are "not marked"
a little goofy, but effective...
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Michael, I don't think that would work. If the dimensions are not marked, they won't be inserted into the drawing.
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There's a button you need to check (center, top row of the dimensions drop down) that is for the "not marked" dims--click that one and unclick the one in the upper left for "marked"
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I hope that everyone will turn in an Enhancement Request on this one.
I would like to transfer the critical dimensions only. This way the detailer will automatically receive the tolerances I set down during the design. Any tolerances that are covered by the title block would not be sent.
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