Geometric Tolerancing Dimensions

I note that within a part sketch you can modify the dimension text and add certain symbols that remain attached to the dimension when brought into a drawing. None of the symbols are of the geometric tolerance type. When geometric tolerance dimensions are added as annotations, and a drawing is created, they are not associated with any dimensions.

Is there a way to add these tolerances as text so that they will move with the drawing dimension?

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Richard Friedman
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Not to answer your question, but this may help...With the GTD symbol you can attach the leader to the feature you are referencing, then hide the leader, the symbol will then move with the part. I found this to be handy when I discovered it.

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Not that I know of, but that was one of the 2005 teasers - you can "attach" a note to a dimension so it travels with it.


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Wayne Tiffany

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