Angular dimensions

This issue is mainly cosmetic, but I'd appreciate any feedback on how to fix this behaviour.

I'm currently using Solidworks 2006 SP0.0. Now say you create a sketch that has a linear dimension for each line and an angular dimension for every angle. Then you add a constraint that makes a line in that sketch parallel to a reference axis. The entire sketch will rotate so that the one line is parallel to that axis. Here's my problem: why do the linear dimensions move with the sketch, yet the angular dimensions do not? For some reason the text portion of the angular dimensions stay in exactly the same spot, but the linear dimensions move relative to the sketch.

I have not been able to figure out how to change this behaviour. I am interested in finding a solution for this because I have developed an API plug-in that follows this same procedure which includes a sketch with many angular dimensions. Then when the sketch is aligned to an axis the angular dimensions become a disaster! They're all over the place, and near impossible to understand.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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